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    SAO Legend's Online review: Good or not?

    SAO's Legends online is a browser game that give soulgems on herem it is only to farm gems?
    Obvioulsy Gamehag give gems to you play it, but this is really the only positive about SAO's Legend Online? I think no.

    1 - Characters: SAO's Legends Online keeps the majority of original characters and this makes you at least take a look at.
    2 - Events: To keep you in a objective, SAO's Legends Online have some events to level you up and give you a chance to not only grind and grind.
    3 - MMO: It have some events and PK event that have another players on it and areas with PK system and this makes the difference between SAO's Legend Online from another games.
    4 - PET - This game has a pet system with a pet from the anime and another ones, but i don't see diference in the gameplay changing the pets to see they skills and stats.
    5 - Waifu? Marry? - This game let you choose you girlfriend literally and this is for the otakus who likes the anime cause you can choose your beloved waifu to be your partner.
    Classes: This game has some classes to join and evolution to them and this surprised me, letting you in a constant sensation of evolution in the game.
    On the low quality pc's may be a problem to play on full quality because the graphics are also good an this can cause a low fps.
    But why a browser game, not a downlodable one? Well maybe because they haven't the properly rights about the images, characters and etc.
    I will try another class maybe to see if the skills and class stats and strategies can change in this game or if only a "bait".

    if this reasons aren't good, well... Then you can play it only for play maybe?

    17 october 2017 18:07 1625

    This game is super bad

    15 march 2019 20:59 1625

    İts really bad :/ Yes, I'm sorry

    16 march 2019 00:55 1625

    its game i think good

    16 march 2019 14:33 1625

    it is really boring

    16 march 2019 14:59 1625

    Awsome game

    16 march 2019 21:51 1625

    not good for me

    16 march 2019 21:52 1625

    Thid Game is so Bad

    16 march 2019 22:57 1625

    i like this game

    17 march 2019 12:28 1625

    cause its an anime

    17 march 2019 12:28 1625

    Nice review, the game looks pretty bad.

    17 march 2019 14:42 1625

    this is nice game so i love it

    17 march 2019 15:08 1625

    it is easy

    17 march 2019 17:59 1625

    nice review.

    17 march 2019 18:04 1625

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