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    I want mein reward

    it's been 5 hours. It hurts. It is not that I want my reward. I NEED MY REWARD! You don't understand!

    17 october 2017 14:14 1628

    If you read the FAQ at all, you'd have known that you'd need to wait 10 minutes to 72 hours. And if you did some research (checking the discord, ToS, other threads, ...), you'd have know that Gamehag has 30 days to send you your reward. Basically, you'll have to wait 30 days maximum. If you haven't received anything until then, contact support.

    Also, you WANT your reward, you don't NEED it. That €100 Paysafe card isn't going to work on your life supplies at the Hospital, A steam game doesn't keep you alive, Oxygen.exe is free.

    We all want our rewards, and we don't want to pay money for it, so be prepared to wait.

    17 october 2017 15:38 1628

    And yes, hospitals in my region prefer Visa. I don't think they accept paysafe at all. :D

    17 october 2017 15:46 1628

    I've wait for my reward for 20 days dude

    17 october 2017 19:07 1628

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