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    paysafecards in EURO outside Europe (Community inquiry)

    Hello gals and guys! I'm not doing it too frequently. To be honest, I'm not doing it at all, but I need your help. I have received some feedback that some of you may be disappointed about the fact that we have removed paysafecards in EURO from outside Europe. This is why I have to ask those of you who are from other continents if you had any issues while using this kind of payment method. Thank you for your help!

    17 october 2017 11:37 1628

    AFAIK outside Europe you can not create a paysafeaccount to keep any funds
    But you should be able to use a certain value paysafecard as currency in any webshop that accepts them, no matter your location

    17 october 2017 13:19 1628

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