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    Why people fall for ads

    Becuase it says free to make money sitting on your ass playing lol

    17 october 2017 10:14 1628

    Watching ads doesn't cost me anything, not even time. I just mute the tab, let the ad happen (if need be) and just watch a Youtube video in the meantime. Or I'm queue'ing up for a League of Legends match and have nothing better to do anyway.

    I get Soul gems for things I want, Gamehag gets money, the advertiser can spread the word. Everybody wins (as long as Gamehag gives us what we want, that is, but that is a whole other discussion).

    17 october 2017 10:57 1628

    i think they dont have anything to do

    20 october 2017 14:03 1628

    thanks for replying 🙂

    20 october 2017 14:04 1628

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