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    Hello did anyone redeem gems and how long does it take to get to 5k gems?

    16 october 2017 23:12 1628

    first it took me 1 year to get 3k but that was because I didn't do much.

    now I got 5k i 2 months.

    16 october 2017 23:47 1628

    I got IOS/Android but I use another email for them you think I can get offers for games?

    17 october 2017 00:06 1628

    Since no more codes will come, unless you're lucky and live in the right area expect a lot of effort an/or time needed to reach a decent reward
    Gamehag is in the process of changing from "Paid-to"-site to cheap steamgame giveaway site

    17 october 2017 02:51 1628

    It is quite hard to get any she. No offers work here

    17 october 2017 03:14 1628

    its working and legit bt its hard to gems ;)

    17 october 2017 03:31 1628

    I'm on Gamehag for about a month now, and I already got 9000 SG in that time, mainly from writing articles. I could get more if I start playing minigames again daily, to earn at least 100 SG a day.

    17 october 2017 11:01 1628

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