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    Hi all, I have a little problem so I would really appreciate your help. I want to order a 10$ (not euro) steam wallet for 5400sg, but it is said that this reward is not available in my region, I guess I can only order euro wallets then. The problem is that my steam currency is in USD, so I'm afraid that if I buy an euro wallet, it won't work for me. Is there any solution you can suggest me ? Thanks for your answers.

    16 october 2017 21:07 1628

    you can safely order in any currency, steam will convert it into your wallet currency. I never upload USD to my wallet - it converts anytime I load Russian Rubles or Euros etc. don't worry about that

    16 october 2017 21:15 1628

    Thanks Oxana

    16 october 2017 21:16 1628

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