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    I dont think its possible to get to lv 17 in 15 days without heavy microtranactions.

    I played this game myself before and im only lv 7 or 8 after 2 monthes of playing it.Yeah,Lv 17 is basically impossible.

    27 march 2020 05:39 3275

    yeah it is hard to do that

    27 march 2020 13:30 3275

    Plus,even if i attempt to do that,it wouldnt work cause i deleted the game,and it wont work if i downloaded it before.

    27 march 2020 15:09 3275

    Actually. 15000 gems is not a bit money. you can cash out for that. To be honest though i dont know how much money you gotta use. Do anyone know?

    7 april 2020 19:04 3275

    hello, i completed this task within 10 days without spending any money. Just do events and spend a lot of time in this game and you will eventually finish before the time given runs out. And i am now waiting for my soul gems. it been 2-3 days and still havent received it tho. 😭

    8 april 2020 08:47 3275

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