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    PS. don't mind the troll in that thread ;)

    16 october 2017 03:33 1628

    Many kinds, tips in the thread linked above

    16 october 2017 14:28 1628

    Why you copy Oxana avatar and then modifying it bad? That's exactly what kids do. From where this hate comes?

    16 october 2017 15:13 1628


    Want a list of links? It is extensive.
    So far oxana_kovalenko has stalked me in multiple threads, tried to insult me on numerous occasions, acted racist towards me, tried to annoy me by posting info about me found outside gamehag, accused me of making false promises to him and even threatened to "do ugly things" outside of Gamehag
    A small example can be found in just that thread linked above

    My avatar is my way of giving that user the finger

    16 october 2017 15:20 1628

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