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    Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Review

    Now it has been some time since I last sat down and played this mobile game but my love for Yu-Gi-Oh! Still burns. And I am here to give my thoughts on Duel Links thus far. 

    I first started playing summer of 2018, it was fun at first and the characters and amount of gems you could get for free were pleasing and generous. As of recently I've noticed the game has fallen in quality a bit, which saddens me to say. Do I suggest downloading the game still? Yes, I think so. I think it could still be fun to play for new players as you have a lot more things to do vs someone who has already done everything like myself, unlock characters, get card, etc. It's a good way to pass the time above anything else. And dueling with friends is quite fun in it's own right as well.

    The main thing I have a problem with is the PVP Duel events, they are not spaced out that well nor do they pair you up against someone based on your skills. For example, they don't have a system that pairs a new player against a new player, and an experienced one against experience. Which can be frustrating for someone who has just started out and does not have the cards to keep up with or combat 'meta' decks. 

    Nonetheless, it has several different Yu-Gi-Oh! worlds to explore and the game does update regularly. The amount of gems you get isn't as much as when I first started playing, but still a fair amount and enough to keep a player going without the need to buy any. 

    There especially isn't any shortage in terms of fan favorites. Just recently (October of 2019) They added DSOD world to the game (For those of you who don't know, it stands for Dark Side of Dimensions which is the movie that was released back in 2017.)

    So far it features characters such as Seto Kaiba, his little brother Mokuba Kaiba, and some movie exclusive characters. Such as the main antagonist Diva and his little sister Sera. I won't go into too much detail for those who have yet to see the movie. (What are you waiting for?) It's def worth checking out but you don't need to have watched it to be able to enjoy this new addition to the game.

    They also have a system where you can leave feedback monthly through a survey and tell them what new features or characters you would like to see added to the game. The world we're rumored to get this year, around the same time is one of my personal favorites of the series, Zexal. I know what you're probably thinking, yes. Zexal didn't have the greatest rep as a Yu-Gi-Oh! spin off, but it is highly underrated. 

    Another draw back with adding all these amazing characters and a good gaming experience is the size, with each update the size of the game and the amount of space it requires your mobile device to have, grows, and does so quite largely. That's part of the reasons why I have yet to play it since a couple of months ago. I've been too lazy to clear out my phone to make room for it's updates.

    All of this being said,

    If you love Yu-Gi-Oh! As much as I do, chances are you're going to enjoy this game regardless of it's laws. 

    25 march 2020 21:02 1625

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    15 march 2022 04:54 1625

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