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    Beginner's Guide to Roblox

    General idea of Roblox

    Roblox is a lego styled game, of which is one of the most addicting games. Roblox is mostly played by the age group of 7-16 (apart from youtubers like: Tofuu, Ant, Poke and others, which are playing this even when they're older.)

    So if you do end up starting to play Roblox, I hope this little beginner's guide can help you for an extra boost!

    Playing a game

    When you first get Roblox, you will see your username, and some recommended games. You might see a game called 'Lumber Tycoon 2', which in that case is a really good game to start on. Click the game, then press the green play button. Once you join the game, there should be a tutorial on how to play the game. WASD or arrow keys are a way of movement like most games. Click and hold right-click, then move your mouse around to change your camera view.

    Virtual Currency

    Roblox has it's own in-game currency. Robux (as of April 14th 2016) is the name of the in-game currency, and is the only type of currency. You might see some games with stuff like money, but Robux is the only official currency by Roblox. You can by Robux with money, or giftcards, which you can find in Target, Walmart, Wallgreens and other stores. Places like Gamehag for instance, gives away free Robux if you work for it. Roblox also has something called Roblox Premium, (as of September 23rd 2019) where you get a certain amount of Robux each month, depending on what level of Premium you buy.

    Avatar, Catalog & more

    If you obtained Robux in some way, then there is a catalog in Roblox where you can buy things to customize your character. If you have gone on some sort of shopping spree, then you can press 'Avatar'. It will then take you to your character, which is fully customizable with the things you've bought in the catalog. How ever you customize you character, is how you will appear in most games. If you don't have Robux, no need to worry. The catalog has a ton of free items if you look down on the bottom left, then there will be a price limiting device, then just press free. It will then show you all the free items in Roblox that don't require Robux, or anything else.


    Roblox, like many other games, has a way to communicate with the other players. But Roblox also has a filter system which turns numbers and swears or any graphic content, into '#'. But don't worry, there is no way to send pictures on Roblox chat. The only way to send anything explicit, or mature, is via a chatting app. Which in that case, is the chatting app's fault. Because even if they are Roblox players, it is the chatting app that should have moderation seeing as Roblox has no control over that.

    I hope you enjoyed this little beginner's guide and helped you on your adventures to Roblox! I hope I explained everything you need to know, because after what I have explained, it's pretty straight-forward here. Hope you have a great experience on Roblox!

    25 march 2020 20:54 1625

    i am a gamer i love gamehag

    28 march 2020 11:22 1625

    Helpful for new players!

    28 march 2020 11:25 1625

    Thanks for guide

    28 march 2020 11:33 1625

    really good

    28 march 2020 13:13 1625

    i play this game with my brother and it is very fun

    28 march 2020 13:22 1625

    thats epic next meme

    28 march 2020 17:27 1625

    First you need to make an account..thats easy right?

    28 march 2020 23:33 1625

    nice its look good

    28 march 2020 23:44 1625

    this is a very good explanation of roblox

    28 march 2020 23:54 1625

    So if you do end up starting to play Roblox, I hope this little beginner's guide can help you for an extra boost!

    29 march 2020 00:28 1625

    thx for guide i like it

    29 march 2020 00:29 1625

    hey! how to play and earn soul games?

    29 march 2020 05:29 1625

    do you guys want a how 2 breathe article

    29 march 2020 20:18 1625

    I very much like this game!

    29 march 2020 20:31 1625

    you don't need a guide for roblox tho

    2 september 2020 12:52 1625

    Cool that there are people who take their time to write these articles to help other people.

    2 september 2020 15:13 1625

    Nice! Useful artcile!

    4 september 2020 14:59 1625

    Is that even a guide lol, next time dont right meaningless replies

    4 september 2020 15:03 1625

    thanks, it looks like an interesting game

    4 september 2020 17:00 1625

    roblox is easy and relaxing game

    5 september 2020 09:02 1625

    thats really helpful

    5 september 2020 09:09 1625

    I agreew with this! I played a roblox for quite a while and this is exactly it!

    5 september 2020 13:34 1625

    Go wach YouTuber whos making gw for robux

    5 september 2020 14:06 1625

    I think its useful for newbies!

    5 september 2020 16:33 1625

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