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    My Talking Tom - review.

    My Talking Tom is a virtual pet that we can just take care of. The pet has its own living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. The pet can speak too! In this case, our pet is a cat.  

    Hello, guys! Today I decided to make an article about the game "My Talking Tom". The reason I wrote this article is that the game really reminds me of my childhood timeline. I'm sure most of the '00s kids have already played this game. The game actually makes me feel very nostalgic and to be honest this game means a lot to me.


    My Talking Tom

    In the beginning, we find our Tom in a box that's located in the living room, and then we take care of our virtual pet, among others, by feeding him and playing with him. Our kitty also needs to go to bed from time to time or to take care of our cat's needs.


    We can satisfy our kitten's fun while patting him and playing mini-games. We can also choose our pet whenever we want, we are limited only by our imagination, coins, and level (which I will mention later). We stick to levels taking care of our pet, and as our level gets higher, Tom gets taller.

    When our level gets higher as a reward we get coins and sometimes even some clothes! In the grocery store, you will find as many as 8 different types of food, i.e. special foods, desserts, fast food, vegetables, drinks, fruit, breakfast, and potions; unfortunately, some stores are locked at the initial levels; in the potions store, we can buy, among others, potions for the growth of our kitten!


    We can earn by playing mini-games, and simply by taking care of Tom when we take care of him (e.g. bathing him) we get coins, and experience (XP). We can level up by doing that. We can get coins by buying them, but not everyone can afford it (that's why a site like Gamehag was created :p). We can also change the design of our Tom's room by buying him a new armchair, changing the floor, wallpaper, chandelier, or TV. By watching ads, we can spin a wheel of fortune in which we can win clothing, food, diamonds, and coins. Let's delve into mini-games, in my opinion, the best mini-game is "Hit the Road", which is a game in which Tom and Angela (an application about a cat that looks similar to Tom, the only difference is that Angela's fur is white and the eye color is blue) are driving a car, and come across various obstacles that must be avoided, but there are still a lot of great mini-games, such as "Connect", in which we combine different-colored "dots", but there are many more in mini-games.

    The game is very good for boring evenings, or when we are having a long trip. Then we can make this time more enjoyable by playing this charming game.  

    What do I think of the game?

    I rate the game with 9.5/10.

    The game is very enjoyable and addictive in moments. In my opinion, there are no disadvantages... Actually there are, but I won't make a huge deal out of them because they are almost invisible. The game is being updated very often and each update is amazing. The graphics have high quality, the sounds are OK. When I was 10, the funniest thing for me about The Talking Tom was that when I spoke to Tom, he repeated what I said, but with a higher pitch.  

    I am wondering, what do you think of my article? Please, let me know in the comment section!
    I read almost every comment!  :^)

    I hope you enjoyed my article, thank you for reading this article.

    Image source: Google.


    25 march 2020 11:15 1625

    played it when i was a child it was a nice game

    8 april 2020 21:50 1625

    now really

    8 april 2020 21:50 1625

    good game

    8 april 2020 21:51 1625

    9Is talking tom still famous i dont really know lol

    8 april 2020 23:57 1625

    ok its nice i guess

    10 april 2020 19:43 1625

    Itsa great game!

    10 april 2020 19:43 1625

    borred game

    10 april 2020 19:52 1625

    wow i like tom but night 3:00 i dont like

    11 april 2020 01:35 1625

    talking tom is a fun game for kid and its old game but its still for a fun people

    11 april 2020 01:42 1625

    This game used to be one of my favorite and most addictive games I have ever played

    11 april 2020 03:21 1625

    I don't trust none of those games no more.

    11 april 2020 03:23 1625

    I heard that in the past it was spme game named talking anabel.The game was sam as talking tom.But the game was made for kiddnaping kids that would turn on some mode(don t know what).

    11 april 2020 03:29 1625

    that wasn't good i don't like that sry

    11 april 2020 05:38 1625

    It was used to be a cool game

    11 april 2020 13:42 1625

    There is no camera guys its just fake clickbait from youtubers!

    11 april 2020 13:44 1625

    Its so fun broo I like it so much

    11 april 2020 15:22 1625

    I used to play this in my childhood. Samsung s3 introduced it to me.

    11 april 2020 16:01 1625

    I haven't played it since i was kid

    11 april 2020 16:03 1625

    very good game

    11 april 2020 17:04 1625

    Hello, follow plus one

    11 april 2020 17:10 1625

    i think its a good game

    11 april 2020 17:34 1625

    i think that talking tom is an old game with no update

    11 april 2020 22:23 1625

    childhood memorys joins the chat!!!

    11 april 2020 23:23 1625

    Thanks G Helped me Out Alot You Guys are amazing making this text's

    12 april 2020 00:12 1625

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