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    Is "Steam Chest" worth it?

    it's only 800 and is it a good chance to get a good item

    13 october 2017 18:40 1628

    worth it

    13 october 2017 19:17 1628

    not worthy !!!

    13 october 2017 19:46 1628

    chance to get good item is 10% or even lower. cheap game can be sold for 200 SG only.
    the chest cost is 1/5 of price for guaranteed 5$/euro wallet code.
    need more reasons?

    13 october 2017 20:51 1628

    well u are not gonna get anything good from that

    13 october 2017 21:59 1628

    If you feel lucky, try your chance, but I wouldn't recommend it...

    13 october 2017 23:41 1628

    well i dont buy crates - i only get them in codes cuz its a waste of sg but in one crate i got The witcher III so ye thats sick

    14 october 2017 18:23 1628

    The steam chest has 3 games with a shop value of 400. No doubt you'll receive one of those on your first try and many tries afterwards.

    If there's a chest, where all the prizes are worth equal or more than the chest, it might be worth it. If all rewards are at least twice the value of the chest, it's worth it. So in this case, if the Steam chest costs 200 SGs, or f*ck it, let's take 250, then it might be worth it. If you constantly get the cheap games, you could sell 'em for 200 SG, and losing 50 sg's per try to at one point get an amazing game, is worth taking a risk.

    But no, don't do the chests. Even if you get a sick reward, you'll still have to wait for it to arrive. And who knows what'll happen if it doesn't arrive. Will they refund the game or the chest? Or will they not refund at all for some reason?

    Fishy deals, stick with the chests from giveaways or if you intend to quit gamehag and wish to throw away your last soul gems to get one more thing. A crappy game is better than leaving gamehag with soul gems on your account.

    16 october 2017 13:21 1628

    Steam Daily Chest is a scam, if u get 1000 soul gems. They will give u just 1 soul gem.

    10 april 2020 13:11 1628

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