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    I need to get my dad something for his birthday

    His birthday is on 26th march. I cant order or bake him a cake because of the coronavirus. I cant order a gift either. I need help picking but I also cant make much food because our supplies at home are very low. I need help and my mom and dad had a fight and she said she isnt doing anything for him. I have an elder sister and she doesnt do anything except use instagram and chat. I love my dad a lot so what should I do?

    24 march 2020 20:03 1628

    Maybe just write him a note and try to make him something small, it sounds like putting in some care be best here ^^ Just remember that the small things matter most in a lot of cases; I hope your dad has a good birthday even with everyting going on right now :)) stay strong

    24 march 2020 20:20 1628

    You could make a interesting and fantastic poem, put your heart and soul into it. Nothing is more special then family

    24 march 2020 21:49 1628

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