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    Are chest rigged?

    Has anyone ever bout a gaming chest and get a good game from it? Any chest I have ever gotten from codes has always been a rune.

    13 october 2017 01:27 1628

    @louw where the chest you spent SG on or ones from codes?

    13 october 2017 01:34 1628

    Chests are like a lottery, its nothing less than logical most of the times a cheaper game is drawn
    I have seen people post proof(on discord with pics) they won the better games

    13 october 2017 04:20 1628

    The change of getting a good game is probably like 1-5%

    13 october 2017 08:16 1628

    Chest exist for only one reason: Wasteing your SG so you don't redeem reward that is worth something

    13 october 2017 10:56 1628

    I'm pretty sure the chests are bigger SG drain than those contests. The probably keep giving **** so they make a profit, until they considered they've earned enough, and choose to send the next winner one of the good prizes.

    Better save up for the rewards. Never trust RNGesus! (RNG = Random Number Generator)

    13 october 2017 11:08 1628

    They are probably slightly riged

    26 october 2018 16:24 1628

    Okay so it isnt rigged but still difficult

    21 april 2020 15:08 1628

    i think its rigged because when i open the daily steam chest i always get 1 sg

    21 april 2020 22:27 1628

    i got runes from knives case and bad csgo skin from bad cases and 1-5 sg for steam daily gift. also got 399 soul gems worth for spring treasure etc, is thatbad?

    21 april 2020 22:47 1628

    i got 1 robux from the robux chest and always get 1 or 5 sg from the steam chest, and ive opened a lot of steam chests

    3 july 2020 17:36 1628

    So far, I only got runes, up to 10 SG, and random steam keys for very low-cost games from chests. I think buying chests is not the best idea, because the probability of actually getting the thing you want from it (or anything good) seems rather low.

    3 july 2020 18:01 1628

    That's the entire point. What, did you think they were going to give you a $60 Triple-A game out of a 600 gem chest every single time? Learn to use that tiny little brain of yours for a moment and think before posting dumb stuff.

    3 july 2020 23:58 1628

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