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    Not able to sell reward

    So I did one of those giveaways that gave me a code. I got a game from the chest (Top Trumps Turbo) but I did not have an option to sell the game. Only the 'Put it in the inventory' option was there. Anyone had similar issues?

    12 october 2017 18:06 1628

    Open your inventory. Its the little backpack under your name to the right of the page. Your rewards should show it there. If it was delivered, it could be possible to sell from there.

    12 october 2017 18:09 1628

    Same, with the recent chest. Hovever previous code asked me if I wanted to sell for 400.

    12 october 2017 18:10 1628

    Yeah, same here, got Elements: Soul of Fire, now it's in my inventory and it says it's being "prepared for dispatch"

    12 october 2017 18:27 1628

    Same, don't think we can sell these ones, normally once it's in your inventory you're getting the key.

    12 october 2017 18:44 1628

    You cant sell it

    13 october 2017 01:40 1628

    You can only sell rewards for half their value if they have a price tag in the rewards. For example, Rocket League can be bought for 6500 SG. If you'd have won that, you probably would've been able to sell it for 3250 SG. The games most (or everyone got) cannot be bought with SG, so there is no price tag. And half of nothing is nothing, so if there was a sell option, it would've been 0SG. Gamehag is nice enough to make sure you'll get a free game and don't accidently throw it away.

    13 october 2017 11:23 1628

    I contacted Misty about this.
    Here a screenshot of the reply: https://imgur.com/a/E7pHu

    13 october 2017 11:25 1628

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