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    why the dragon awaken task refused

    why the dragon awaken task refused?i wanna know

    12 october 2017 10:55 1628

    Might want to leave a screenshot, because we can't know either if you don't show what you've sent in.

    12 october 2017 12:14 1628

    well, as far as i know you aint the only haveing trouble with this task. i'm looking forward to get mine refused in 11 hrs and 12 min. on 1am gtm+1 as it have happend the other days.

    12 october 2017 13:49 1628

    but the question is: have you used ur username as ur ingame name, did you try leave an message in the chat ingame for gamehag, is it the same email you use for the game, just as gamehag, and last, did you try make the window a bit smaller and open up a doc, and write a message to them there? .. and did you ask misty?

    12 october 2017 13:51 1628

    Don't ask Misty. Me and her have a special bond and I don't want any of you interfering please.

    12 october 2017 18:40 1628

    how to fix?

    22 february 2019 18:04 1628

    Make sure you use the same name as here, use full screen screenshot and in this case press your character icon in the game and take a screenshot of that, that last one worked for me after the first rejection

    22 february 2019 19:13 1628

    Bru- How did you guys even get to lvl 50 so fast?

    1 april 2020 22:13 1628

    maybe idk. or ur task was rejected because file was too big

    1 april 2020 23:14 1628

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