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    Hay Bay - review.

    Hay Bay is a farming mobile game. In this game you mainly farm crops, trade items with your friends and neighbors, look after animals, trees, and plants.

    Hey, y'all! Today I'll introduce you to the game called "Hay Day". Enjoy!

    Hay Day


    In the game, we mainly build a farm and "take care of" it. When we deal with animals or do anything in the game, we get stars that help us drive in levels; for driven levels, we get new buildings and animals. At the beginning of the game, we paint houses and generally all buildings nearby so that they look better than at the beginning, and we must buy the first animals, which are chickens.

    Every animal has some benefit, as we can guess from the chickens we have eggs, which we can then sell and get coins for. At the beginning of the game, we have a fairly short tutorial, which aims to introduce us to the game although it is not complicated in itself. The sound of the game is "rural", namely a melody that reminds me of the village. The graphics in the game are in themselves very bright and pleasing to the eye. The coins in the game are of great importance because it is thanks to them that we develop our farm. After all, they enable us to buy e.g. a bakery, feed mill, dairy, and many other buildings as well as animals, which allows us to earn more. In the game, we decide where the object will stand, which of course is a plus because we can create our farm without restrictions.

    As in most games, we have the option of buying coins and diamonds in the game. Now and then our farm is visited by customers whose goal is to buy bread, corn or other food for a certain number of coins. A truck comes to us and takes our goods and then brings us coins. We meet new people at some levels, i.e. we can visit their farms and buy different things from their stores, e.g. food, or typically construction items.


    Achieving an ever-higher level is also associated with the fact that these levels are getting harder to get, i.e. we have to collect more stars which at very high levels is a difficult challenge. Animations of characters and animals are very refined, so none of you will be disappointed. Our farm at every level is changing into an increasingly larger and more extensive farm, so that's the biggest plus of this game. Coupons can also buy animals such as cats, dogs, donkeys and much more. The game does not overwhelm us with millions of ads interfering with the game and its values.

    What do I think of the game?

    I rate the game with 10/10 because the game is very refined, and it is nice to play it. The graphics are nice, the sounds are OK. Personally, during the game, I did not find any downsides, so that's why I rated this game with 10 out of 10.
    What do you think about the game? Let me know in the comment section.
    Image source: Google.

    23 march 2020 13:03 1625

    Yes, the game is very interesting but the only thing is that it gets boring after some time and you usually have to wait for some time to get things to build. Overall its a good game😄

    23 march 2020 14:11 1625

    is it free to play

    23 march 2020 14:54 1625

    Hello, @radutudor! Thank you for reading my article, I really appreciate it. Yes, the game is totally free. You can find the game in Google Play or App Store.

    23 march 2020 14:56 1625

    interesting is it fun to play

    24 march 2020 02:39 1625

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