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    Helix Jump

    Helix Jump is all about jumping through the "floors".

    Hello, y'all! Today I'll introduce you to the game "Helix Jump". Enjoy!

    Helix Jump


    The obstacles in the game are fields of different colors, walls, and flying fields. By jumping over the floors we collect points, but if we jump two or three at once we get more of them, points also count as a record, and the currency for the game, for which we can buy other jumping shapes. Even the "spots" left by our ball are subject to change, so it's interesting!

    In the game, there are unfortunately ads that can be removed only by paying, but even then we will not remove them completely. If our ball jumps "several times", we can even jump into a colorful field, because this floor will break down right after we jump on it.

    Controlling the game consists of sliding your finger to the left and to the right of our floors, which allows the ball to jump. The graphics are nice, but the predominant colors are not there because they change as the level changes. In my opinion, the game sound is similar to "munching", the ball produces this sound by jumping. The game is sometimes very annoying because when we are almost at the very bottom we suddenly accidentally enter a colorful field (which happened to me more than once) and we lose which really at the bottom of the board is not a pleasant feeling. We can also play without the Internet, which is very profitable because we are not tired of advertising, but if we lose, there is no turning back, because when we have an internet connection and when we lose, we have another chance, so it's quite profitable if the ads don't annoy you that much.


    When we play Helix Jump, we simply need to break our previous record, which is sometimes very difficult. The game is available on iOS and Android, so each of us can play it. At some levels, the game after proper concentration does not have to be so difficult, but at higher levels of the game, various difficulties may arise, through which even after maximum concentration we will not come easily. I recommend playing the game with airplane mode turned on (this will disable ads), maybe it is not fair to game developers, but was the game developers fair to players when after paying for switching off the ads they still turned them on?

    What do I think of the game?

    I rate the game at 4.5/10. because through pop-up ads during and after the game you can't play it without annoying. The game itself is a very good time killer, but the ads, unfortunately, spoil everything. The graphics are nice, sometimes the sounds could be really satisfying.

    What do you think of the game? Let me know in the comment section!
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    23 march 2020 13:02 1625

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