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    Stick War: Legacy - review.

    Stick War: Collect chests after each match played, then open them and see what valuable prizes await you inside! Stick War is a game full of fight, emotions, and courage. Create your own army and conquer the whole world!

    Hello, y'all! Today, I will introduce you to the game called "Stick War: Legacy". Enjoy!


    At the very beginning of the game, we can familiarize ourselves with all the options. Fortunately, there is no tutorial imposed which we have to go from start to finish. A big plus may also be the fact that after pressing the "play" button we will notice the various modes available, of course, we can all enter and start our adventure. However, I wanted to start from the classic. Before starting the game, I was presented with a short story, but everything was presented in a short animated movie. It looked great and in a few minutes, I understood what my mission would be. After the plot is a short tutorial that will show us the basic functions during the game. Our task is to navigate the created soldiers by us, in this case, people with clubs to face the arches. race,

    The movement of the characters is very pleasant and will not cause us any problem. So far, nothing has ever happened to me. The whole game was fought as I planned it. Every time we level up, we unlock newer items, items or new army possibilities. In the next rounds, we fight with other tribes, after their victory we can most often unlock their skills. It is important to collect gold through miners during the game, then we will be able to buy more armed army that will help us in the fight or defend our "empire". After each round, we have the opportunity to improve our statue or the main "castle" that our enemy cannot destroy.


    In the game, we can find many cool items to buy in the store. All for the purple crystals we get for winning the round. In addition to basic items, we can also buy various types of skins, chests or jewels for micropayments. There is a lot of it, and nothing is missing. An Armory is a place where we improve our statue, which I described above. In addition to the basic functions included in the game such as ranking, achievements, etc. We have the option of including a game guide that will show us the exact navigation through the application so that everything becomes clear to us. I guarantee you that in Stick War: Legacy you will not get lost, and the gameplay itself will draw you for a long time.

    What do I think of the game?

    I rate the game with 7/10. To be honest, I don't like the graphics (it depends on your style as well). The game has a small advantage which I forgot to mention, the game doesn't require internet connection, but unfortunately, sometimes we need an internet connection for the achievements and leaderboards. In general, the game is pretty good.

    What do you think of the game? Let me know in the comment section!
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    23 march 2020 09:12 1625

    I think this game will be interesting and I think to try it :)

    24 march 2020 18:56 1625

    this was epic, each campaign in the map has different challenges or enemies in which you have to deal with. the other game modes are epic as well.

    25 march 2020 00:44 1625

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