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    Geometry Dash - review.

    Geometry Dash   is an arcade game in which we have to go through the block through dangerous obstacles.

    Hello, y'all! Today I'll make a review of Geometry Dash. Enjoy!

    Geometry Dash

    In my opinion, Geometry Dash is quite complex, and believe me, there is something to do there! We can choose from various types of boards that differ from each other in the background color and obstacles. During the game, at some moments we enter a kind of portal, which for a moment changes our game completely, for example, we start to fly, which is very interesting.


    The game, apart from dexterity, requires logical thinking from us, but under the influence of "adrenaline" we are not always able to think about what will happen next, and this may, unfortunately, end in losing the round. The control seems simple, but at some moments the game is not! You control your finger click on the screen and then our square jumps.
    So as I mentioned that controlling is not easy at some moments, and why? Because some blocks are very close to each other, then in my case I don't know what to do and in such moments I'm losing.


    We can also change the appearance and color of our cubes, so the game does not limit us to only one cube. The sound at each level changes and surprisingly adapts to the gameplay, which is a huge plus for the creators that they also thought about the sound, which makes the game a bit easier for us. The game is still being updated, so you won't get bored in the game. The game is one of the most difficult arcade games I have had the opportunity to play because in Geometry Dash it happens that I lose after switching on the map. The game is available on iOS, Android, and Microsoft, so everyone has the opportunity to play this game. When we lose hundreds of times on one board, believe it, it gets very bothersome, so be careful not to destroy your smartphones :D The levels have really good quality, and the gameplay is nice (except for losers, of course) and good for boredom. It is also possible to buy other original designs for our ankle, but it makes no difference to me and I will stay with the basic cube.


    There are other players' boards on the premium version of the game, and we can do our own, but the free version is also extended, so I think it doesn't make much difference whether it's a premium or free game.

    What do I think of the game?

    I rate this game with 10/10. The game requires a lot of logic and thinking on moments. The graphics are really nice and bright, the sound in the game is not bad, somehow it satisfies you while the gameplay.
    What do you think of the game? Let me know in the comment section!
    I hope y'all enjoyed my article.
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    23 march 2020 09:11 1625

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    25 march 2020 08:46 1625

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