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    Just noticed the Overall ranking

    I'm number 45! Shame they don't give any rewards for monthly top 3 though. I'd make a good chance, but I suppose Gamehag doesn't want to give the guys who win alot of the daily ranking bonuses more extra Soul Gems, which I can understand.

    11 october 2017 15:03 1628

    Even more notable: I don't see MagicCookies at the top ;)

    11 october 2017 15:58 1628

    Heh, indeed. Guess the Hags didn't like being called unprofessional.

    11 october 2017 16:02 1628

    Congrats man. I myself want to reach top 3 for the extra SG but payouts are extremely low in where I live and I simply don't have the time because of school. But I believe that with a little hard work, we might manage to reach top 10 overall.

    11 october 2017 16:21 1628


    11 october 2017 17:52 1628

    over 100 :( why gamehag, why ? :(

    11 october 2017 17:53 1628

    Cloudn12, Gems from writing articles doesn't seem to get you up the daily rankings, but the monthly and overall count every soul gem you ever earned, so for those two lists, it's not really that hard for me, as I have already written quite a lot. Also, playing the games pays me quite well, most of the times.

    11 october 2017 19:31 1628

    For some reason,I'm always at rank 101 and it never changes lol

    11 october 2017 19:32 1628

    If you're lucky enough to get games from chest then sell it, it gives a huge amount of SG to boost your rank

    11 october 2017 21:41 1628

    i want aaa a games lol

    11 october 2017 21:46 1628

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