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    How do you win in contest?

    do they pick one randomly from all the users that enter, if ever can someone vouch that they received the prize for the contest Thankssss!!!!!!

    11 october 2017 09:50 1628

    Yup, one random winner. Pay a few Soul gems, wait for all tickets to be sold, and prepare for dissappointement. Unless there can only be 2 participants, but I don't play CS:GO, otherwise I'd give one of those a few shots.

    11 october 2017 10:28 1628

    Thanks for replying

    11 october 2017 10:33 1628


    11 october 2017 13:27 1628

    is it worth it though?

    12 october 2017 15:36 1628

    I would say no. For example, the AK-47 Safari mesh skin costs 600SG. In the contest, you can win it for 550SG and only 1 opponent. That's 50/50. However, if I would want this, I'd just save up the missing 50SG. That's less than 40 minutes on minigames, or for lazy people, 1 more week of logging in daily. It's only 50SG, if you happen to lose, you could start all over again.

    As for a game like PUBG, 300SG is not alot, but with 77 participants, you might as well send me 300SG (if you could).

    Just save up the Soul gems. Don't count on a Random Number Generator. Stay away from contests, stay away from chests (asides from the ones you get from codes), and just focus on your reward in the Reward section.

    12 october 2017 16:10 1628

    hey dracindo what mini games do u play to earn 50 sg in 40 minutes?

    12 october 2017 16:16 1628

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