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    Killing Floor 2

    Killing Floor 2 is basically a cooperative survival game, in which the main objective is to survive alone or together with your friends while fighting a horde of Zeds. Those Zeds were created as a part of Dr. Hans-Volter and Patriarch's experiments, in which their final objective is to kill all human beings.


    The main objective in the game is to survive as long as you can, while fighting a horde of Zeds in order to get Dosh to buy better weapons from the Trading Machine.
    Once you start the game, it begins with the basic tutorial that everyone needs to survive.
    The maximum amount of buddies you can bring along are 6, and the system operates as the more players there are, the more zeds will appear.
    There are also 5 different difficulties, and each one of them are unique. The harder the difficulty, the less money you'll make from every zed killed, and also the zeds will become more powerful.
    The game recommends you to be a certain level to handle that kind of difficulty, otherwise it will be a really quick death.


    There are many types of enemies, such as the normal Zeds, but also more harder enemies, and some of them are considered to be mini-bosses.
    Each enemy has their own unique attacks, and their attacks become more powerful and different when you choose the Suicidal or higher Hell on Earth difficulties.
    And in the end, we have Bosses. There are currently 5 bosses as of now, and all of them are unique in their own way. Sometimes it is necesary to make a plan, in order to survive and defeat the boss.


    There are four game modes that you could play, those are Survival, where your only objective is to survive, Survival versus, it's the same as Survival, but this time the zeds & bosses are controlled by players, Endless Mode, an unending Survival mode, that gets harder the more waves you manage to pass, and in the end we have the Weekly Challenge, in which this is simillar to the Suvival mode, but it's with Modifications applied to Zeds and it's automatically set at the Suicidal Difficulty.
    Modifications mean that the Zeds will be different. For example, there is this challenge in which the more damage the Zed receives, it will become really small. And these modifications apply to bosses as well.


    There are ten Perk Classes, in which you could choose which one you like, and of course, level it up.
    Each Perk has it's own abilities that you can choose from, depending if you're playing alone or with your buddies. The maximum level you can reach with a perk is 25, and after that you can Prestige it, in order to get a free skin for that specific perk, but it will also reset the level back to 0.
    Also, each Perk has it's own weapons as well, that you can buy once the wave is over, at the Trader (Trading Machine).


    It's a gore game, but in general it's nice! I played this with some of my friends, and I must say that I don't regret buying this game. The developers are also dropping updates here and there, and add new skins or even weapons in the game. So the game is really fun, and if you can, you should give it a try!

    Thank you for reading and have a fine day!

    22 march 2020 17:22 1625

    This is amazing

    28 march 2020 11:35 1625

    nics its look good

    28 march 2020 11:37 1625

    very good

    28 march 2020 12:05 1625

    Thanks for a great thread. I have both part and 1 and 2. KF 2 is the far superior in my opinion :)

    30 march 2020 00:17 1625

    such high quality article, love it ♥

    30 march 2020 00:51 1625

    Wazzap guys lol

    30 march 2020 01:25 1625

    hi wats app

    30 march 2020 01:36 1625

    old and scary game

    12 april 2020 22:31 1625

    good post, thank you

    13 april 2020 10:01 1625

    not good game for mee

    13 april 2020 10:15 1625


    13 april 2020 10:28 1625

    Es mxkpwsnxwımwıxmwohjx

    13 april 2020 10:28 1625


    13 april 2020 10:28 1625


    13 april 2020 10:28 1625


    13 april 2020 10:29 1625


    13 april 2020 10:29 1625

    such high quality article, love it ♥

    13 april 2020 10:44 1625

    best game ever

    16 april 2020 22:15 1625

    lovley. Its only for ps4? or i can get for pc

    16 april 2020 22:30 1625

    hi dear hope u r doing good friends

    21 june 2020 07:52 1625

    it is like new zombie game i love it !!!

    21 june 2020 11:30 1625

    i did not enjoy this game when i played it

    21 june 2020 18:08 1625

    legendary game

    22 june 2020 12:15 1625

    killing floor is a goood game

    22 june 2020 12:17 1625

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