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    Happy Jump Review.

    Happy Jump is a very charming  mobile game. The control is trivial, we just have to move our phone to left and right while getting the coins through jumping higher and higher. 

    Hello, y'all! Today I want to make a review of the game "Happy Jump".

    Happy Jump 

    The sound of the game is charming, it just can't be described! You will not experience boredom during the gameplay, so if you are looking for an interesting game that you will not like only for five minutes, then you have to install it! In the game, we not only jump on coins and apples, but we can also jump on platforms that are located quite close together. Before starting the game, we can secure ourselves in Power-ups, in each game you can use up to 3 Power-ups, which can make the game easier. We can also change the colors of the rainbow, among others our rainbow can be red mixed with white & red mixed with white and blue, so even when it comes to the rainbow of our lovely jelly we have a huge selection.

    The rainbow and bright colors in this game are incredible, which I think is a huge plus if you are into bright and cute colors. Sometimes while our gameplay, we may come across bees that can kill us so we have to avoid them as much as possible. The only way to kill a bee is when an apple struck us. For coins collected during the game, we can buy our jelly a lot of things, including headgears and jellies of different colors than our initial red.

    We can also get coins by watching ads, which is really good for most players because we can buy items with them, but personally, I prefer enjoying the game instead because we prefer to play and earn coins rather than watching tedious ads, right? Well, unless it is the last resort when, for example, we collect money for the perfect jelly. Now let's delve into Boosty, namely to list their types: one of them is that when we bounce off the platform our jelly jumps 2 times higher, while the other takes us into the "balloon", which knocks us high up to 5,000 points, and others are equally interesting, but you have to find out for yourself!


    The game really reminds me of Icy Tower (a game which was taken down years ago), so if you remember this game then it will be so easier for you to understand the rules of Happy Jump.

    What do I think of the game? 

    I personally rate the game with  8/10. The graphics have extremely high quality and that's really important. I didn't rate the game with 10/10, because the game doesn't get any updates by its owners, but by seeing this colorful jelly I don't care, I love this game!! I hope I encouraged you to download this amazing game! The game is available on iOS and Android.

    What do you think of this game? What's in your thoughts?
    Let me know in the comment section!
    I hope you enjoyed my article!
    Image source: Google.

    22 march 2020 09:35 1625

    It looks like a nice game to play when you want to kill some time, looks pretty nice and the info is on point, nice article.

    22 march 2020 10:19 1625

    its so good i like it!

    22 march 2020 11:22 1625

    waitt l soo goodd mannn

    22 march 2020 19:17 1625

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