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    Ceb returns, N0tail goes mid, SumaiL goes hard support for OG at the WeSave! Charity Play

    Dota 2 fans who were expecting to see OG’s new star-studded roster in action today against the best teams in Europe might be slightly disappointed. Due to geographical reasons, OG has enlisted the help of an old friend and a sprouting seed.
    OG will play the WeSave! Charity Play tournament with two stand-ins: Ceb and Madara. Ceb previously stepped down from active player status in the wake of OG’s second The International championship, while Madara is the carry for OG.Seed, the organization’s academy team.
    Topson and MidOne are most likely absent because they’re based in Malaysia right now. The duo’s most recent public matchmaking games place them in the Southeast Asia region.
    WeSave! Charity Play is a non-profit online tournament organized by WePlay! Esports in a bid to aid the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s held entirely online within each region.
    If Topson and MidOne played with OG on the European server, they’d have to deal with unbearable ping and packet loss due to the geographical distance.
    While no official reason was given for SumaiL playing position five, similar to his absent teammates, OG’s carry is home in the U.S. It’s likely that the poor ping has forced him to play a less mechanically demanding role.
    OG has found a solution within their own ranks, though, since N0tail will take over the mid role. N0tail used to be OG’s core player before fully transitioning to the support and captain role after Fly’s departure from OG. Known for his skill on micro-intensive heroes such as Meepo and Arc Warden, it should be exciting to see him briefly return to position two.

    22 march 2020 04:29 5035

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