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    Forum only 5 times a day

    Hello I just want to ask if the 5 times a day means like 24 hours after my first forum comment or it resets instantly when another day hits?

    21 march 2020 16:31 1628

    I am not sure, thats a good question! I am personally only on gamehag about once every 24 hours so I never thought of that; Maybe ask Misty?

    21 march 2020 16:58 1628

    24 hours after last post or comment on article. So if u comment 4 times in a row on articles and u forgot about last 5, next day u only get 1.

    21 march 2020 20:10 1628

    okay thanks dude I will make sure to do all 5 eryday :)

    21 march 2020 20:11 1628

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