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    SimCity Revision

    SimCity is a game which gives us an opportunity to build our own city! The game was made by the "Electronic Arts" company in 2013.



    Hello, y'all! Today, I want to make a revision of the game called "SimCity". In this article I'll introduce you to the basics of the game. Enjoy!


    What can we do in this game?

    In this game, we can design, build our own city and we can make complex buildings such as skyscrapers! At the beginning of the game we have to connect our city with the highway and then our great adventure on the game begins! Thanks to interpretation of buildings, we earn Simoleons (which is one of the currencies in the game) for which we can build various buildings. The most interesting thing is that we have to do everything from the construction of houses to the inclusion of electricity, water supply, sewage systems and other! 

    When it comes to electricity, we have a choice whether we want to have a wind farm or a coal-fired power plant in our city, which is cheaper, but unfortunately this affects the well-being of Sims.
    Buildings are not the only places that meet the needs of our sims, they also include buildings such as construction plants that bring income to our city, so we can calmly expand our area and the city. When we build houses and improve them, we gain points which help us with leveling up. When we level up we actually advance ourselves despite the fact that we are the majors of the city. In the game we earn Simoleons, but our main source of income are taxes, which we can not exaggerate because if the taxes are too high the population will shrink. Hence, after some time our city will be empty and its residents will move to cheaper housing.

    Our city can have many residential buildings and we can turn them into typical tourist attractions, so there is plenty to choose from. There are also missions in the game that we can complete. How do we receive the missions?  We receive missions from residents, who from time to time require a lot of expenses from us. Also we can visit the neighbor's city which is really good because by doing that we can get more ideas about some buildings. 

    Unfortunately, the constructions of larger factories is quite demanding because of their size, because on our map there is a shortage of places for new residential buildings and we have to wonder where to fit it even through our area is not the smallest.

    SimCity is available in Play Store, Apple Store, Mac OS and Microsoft Store.  

    My opinion about the game.

    As you guys can see above, the graphics are really nice. The game doesn't have many bugs and I like it.
    Unfortunately, If we don't have access to internet we can't play the game.

    I rate the game with 3/5. 

    What do you guys think about the game? I wanna hear your thoughts in the comment section! ^^

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    21 march 2020 12:51 1625

    i dont play this game but seems good i go try this game

    21 march 2020 14:00 1625

    seems good ill try to play it

    21 march 2020 14:33 1625

    Nice and cool

    23 march 2020 09:36 1625

    nice and cool game

    23 march 2020 09:47 1625

    i've tried this game before! Its a good review :)

    23 march 2020 10:22 1625

    Great Article, thanks for this

    15 april 2020 08:17 1625

    I give it an 8/10.

    17 april 2020 16:54 1625

    thanks! this honestly was helpful

    17 april 2020 18:44 1625

    Hi guys this is me commenting

    17 april 2020 21:43 1625

    My exp is not great

    17 april 2020 21:43 1625

    My comment is no going that easily so yh hello chez h. Mknnebd.

    17 april 2020 21:44 1625

    Hello! This is very nice!

    17 april 2020 22:06 1625

    very good articele i think im gonna install it

    18 april 2020 08:10 1625

    good i like it

    18 april 2020 10:59 1625

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