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    My opinion is, this website is a best one that alive nowadays! My first thought was this is a scam website, although i think its a scam website but i still do a mission and play a games :D and after i got some SG and i exchange it to reward, and yeah i got the reward, and sure this is not a scam website :)

    8 october 2017 06:17 1628

    It works but it's slow. It needs some work to really become the best.

    8 october 2017 08:25 1628

    Hmm i think thats right, the only problem was the reward thing is kinda slow

    8 october 2017 14:33 1628

    This site may have its flaws but so do others
    It's legit and also a fun place to meet new people while earning some games on the side

    8 october 2017 14:39 1628

    It has many flaws, IMO, but it safe to say you can trust this site. They earn money for the things we do, meaning they are capable of sending us the rewards we want, using the a little bit of their profit to reward us. It's not a video that says "download this game from here and follow these steps for a free copy". Most of them contain virusses or a way to take money from you without knowing.

    Long ago, I downloaded a hack, and they asked for my phone number. The hack failed, I received random contests in text messages, and one day my parents noticed I had sent a total of more than €150 to an unknown source.

    Once you know how a site makes profit out of you, it's easier to decide if you still want to go through with it or don't get involved at all. The trap here, is that you have to spent time and make some effort to get what you want. But no virusses, no phishing, so all and all, if you're good with spending some time here, it's certainly a good site.

    9 october 2017 11:52 1628

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