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    on finishing contracts

    Help for using bluestacks on computer to complete contracts

    8 october 2017 02:05 1628

    follow up: Can it be completed by using blue stacks and how? TYIA
    note: I used blue stacks because I dont have android phone or Tab, sad life :(

    8 october 2017 02:07 1628

    compliting the task is not the prob getting ur reward is the prob 🙃🙃

    8 october 2017 02:11 1628

    Emulators won't work for rewards

    8 october 2017 03:44 1628

    I borrow my sis phone on finishing contract with clash of lords(install and start) reward of 14 gems and I dont know what to do to verify it. Now Im starting on tap to riches.

    8 october 2017 10:09 1628

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