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    How it works

    Netflix For CSGO Skins

    Want to flex on your teammates? Want to try out your most desired skins? Though you don't have the cash to dish out for the $600 knife? not to worry Lootbear has you covered. Lootbear is a trusted website that allows you to rent skins for trial. Its extremely simple to use and setup and they even allow you to rent out your skins and claim some profit for yourself. Using that profit you can rent or buy dream skins.


    Lootbear is a trusted site even by steam. Everything is run through Steam when it comes to trading. They give you many warnings on what to look out for when it comes to scammers or bots. They are so trusted that if you try to scam they can even get you banned on steam. So there is no need to worry about harmful elements and things of that nature. 

    User driven element 
    Lootbear's user element is quite unique in the fact that they allow you to rent form other players. Or aloow others to rent your skins. They also have their own skins up for sale and rental.


    LootBear gives you access to any skin you want to try. From P250 sand dune to Awp Dragon Lore. You pay a rental fee for the time rented and if you don't like it you can return it to the site. Did I mention LootBear gives you a week of free rentals so you can get used to the system?  Its a trusted site that is dedicated to security and keeping your info safe. All you have to do is pick the desired skin proceed through the process and then they send you a steam trade offer, for the skin and bingo bango bongo you get to use your favorite skin to flex on your matchmaking teammates. As stated before LootBear Gives you a free week of rentals how nice of them.

    Making you money

    Another great function of the site is that it has a user driven element. LootBear allows you to deposit you r skins to either sell or for other players to rent. They then give you weekly revenue  can use for rentals or purchases. All you have to do is create a store (which LootBear shows you how to), deposit skins through their secure connection, and watch as they make you money. They allso give you some of their skins for you to use on your store front and give you a chunk of the profit as well. So because you make money of your store it gives you a motivation to promote your store front as much as possible, and don't worry your skins are safe with LootBear.  
    Player feedback

    Lootbear has thousands of positive reviews and people love the site. Just ask a user and I bet they'll tell you how great the site is. If you don't trust my word then take that of the tons of youtubers and streamers who use the site as well. It is a loved site by many and I am Sure you'll love it too.

    Use these refreral codes to help a Brother out #sellout
    Use during account setup: https://app.lootbear.com/?dl=S2L0PLynT1
    Store front: https://app.lootbear.com/loot/5e730361fb680e0c6e3f7dfc/csgo/store

    LootBear is a safe site for gamers to make money on their skins or try out any skins they wish. It is run by gamers for gamers.
    Thanks for reading and have a great day.yPtJw046nl0vTgy5F61A9Pqyr0lze0.png

    19 march 2020 16:21 1625

    what you mean

    19 march 2020 16:42 1625


    19 march 2020 18:09 1625

    thats good::💯

    19 march 2020 18:09 1625


    19 march 2020 18:37 1625

    I thought this was something else ngl

    20 march 2020 02:23 1625

    dude lootbear is with cs

    20 march 2020 08:01 1625

    you dont think valve knows?

    20 march 2020 08:01 1625

    Ok lets do that

    20 march 2020 10:14 1625

    what??,didnt understand nothin.

    20 march 2020 11:52 1625

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