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    Snapfire and Void Spirit receive Aghanim's Scepter abilities with the 7.25 patch

    A new Dota 2 gameplay update was deployed with changes to pretty much every hero, a lot of items and a few mechanics.
    To start with, the general changes bring reworks to how hero banning works in All Pick and in Captain’s Mode, to the kill AoE gold income, and also to the kill sprees gold and experience bounties.
    New Hero Kill AoE Gold:
    ( 50 + VictimNetWorth*0.03 ) / #Heroes
    Hero kill sprees gold bounty increased from 60->480 to 200->690
    Hero kill sprees xp bounty increased from 400->1800 to 500->2040
    Starting with the new patch, power runes will spawn at the 4-minute mark, while the subsequent spawns are still at every 2 minutes. However, after the 40-minute mark the power runes will no longer spawn on both river spots. Another important change for the power runes is made to the llusion Rune, which now has similar cast mechanics as Manta (shuffle, dispel, dodge).
    While plethora of neutral items got smaller buffs, most of the shop items got nerfed and perhaps the most drastic changes were made to the Town Portal Scroll and Boots of Travel.
    Town Portal Scroll
    Cost increased from 50 to 90 gold.
    Boots of Travel
    No longer has an active
    Upgrades Town Portal Scroll while equipped. Reduces its cooldown to 40 seconds, allows it to target units, and does not consume a charge on usage.
    Movement speed increased from 32/35% to 38/44%
    In the hero department, Snapfire and Void Spirit, the only two missing a Scepter upgrade, have finally got it.
    Snapfire Scepter ability:
    Gobble Up. Allows you to swallow an allied creep or hero and spit it towards enemies, stunning enemies in the area for 1.5 seconds and leaving a glob on the floor dealing 100 DPS for 3 seconds. Units can stay in his belly up to 3 seconds. Impact radius 400. Cooldown 40 seconds. Cast Range 150.
    Void Spirit Scepter ability:
    Resonant Pulse is now a charge-based ability with 2 charges and it now silences enemies for 2 seconds.

    19 march 2020 15:48 5035

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