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    game hag chests

    guy I opened 3 chests and i got a rune and two random steam keys that both worth 2 USD do i really have chance to win something in this website

    19 march 2020 02:45 1628

    well like many other places where you can open rewards chests, theres always a greater chance of the more worse items in them, than the greater.

    19 march 2020 02:52 1628

    the problem is that hard feeling of disappointment after finding random key or rune that makes it hard to grind again for another chest

    19 march 2020 03:14 1628

    IMO it's better to focus on collecting gems and going for rewards rather than chests

    19 march 2020 04:56 1628

    Just don't go for the chests .

    19 march 2020 12:20 1628

    yeah I will focus only on collecting now I made a huge mistake buying chests

    19 march 2020 13:16 1628

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