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    Stealth 0* Servant Interlude released

    We got a lot of news today. A class pickup summon banner for anyone who wants to NP5 Bedivere (much better rate than normal 3* rateup banner), an interlude for Enkidu, and reduced AP for story nodes. But amidst all of those is a silent note on the "New issues currently being investigated":


    "The following issues have been confirmed within certain Servants' Interludes: After closing out the app mid-battle then choosing to resume the battle when re-entering the app, the app may freeze or the battle may resume one turn early. (Added on March 17th)
    * The affected Servants are:
    - Servants of rarity ★0"

    Yep. 0*. Interlude. Our edgy evil boy got an interlude at last! At this point it's a running gag at TYPE-MOON that they will never acknowledge his existence officially in FGO, since he's suppose to be a secret character and all. That said, the requirement is getting bond level 10 so...

    18 march 2020 15:45 5133

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