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    Refused! Why?!

    Someone check this screenshot please, it's for Crossout https://imgur.com/a/amFTo . What's wrong whithmy SS ? I contacted Misty but no response :(

    7 october 2017 05:22 1628

    The thing with contacting Misty is everyone expects a reply instantly
    Try to imagine hundreds of valid and invalid question send to Misty daily, now imagine a real person trying to answer all that

    Give Misty 2 days to reply (as stated in the FAQ) and probably you will get your issue resolved
    No reply in 2 days? Just try again

    7 october 2017 06:12 1628

    LoL, I don't expect an instantaneous reply (like the way my SS was refused ), it's been like 12 hours. I don't even think there is only ONE "Misty", that wouldn't be right :/

    7 october 2017 06:26 1628

    12 hours is nothing, especially in the weekend when staff is scarce, if any

    I'm not expecting Gamehag to have a big team behind it, maybe 8-10 man strong and that's a generous estimate i guess
    Gamehag makes money but not THAT much ;)

    BTW i've looked at that SS and suspect we already spoke in discord(correct me if i'm wrong)
    AFAIK there is nothing wrong with that screenshot, just be patient while working things out with support, you're not the first who got rejected first and accepted later on that specific game ;)

    7 october 2017 06:37 1628

    Same :(

    7 october 2017 07:15 1628

    Thank you Gamehag :)

    7 october 2017 07:23 1628

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