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    Star Wars The Old Republic

    (4.13/5) 23 rates

    Is this game good and related to Star Wars?

    I liked Star Wars, so when I saw it, I instantly was gravitated towards it. I want to ask you, is this actually related to the series or is it just a cashgrab? Is it also good? Is it free? Do I need to grind a lot? Are there hackers?

    6 october 2017 23:23 35

    good game,no hackers i saw and ive been playing on and of for years.free to play isnt really doable but spend 3 dollars and get prefered, account very playable.spend many many hours on this game and can recommend.i recommend searching for a referal key(go to forum many people post theirs)

    10 october 2017 14:46 35

    I played it back in the day was fun for a while great story lots and lots to do I might get back into it.

    12 october 2017 17:34 35

    I liked it, but im not too into the mmo genre

    13 january 2019 06:27 35

    It's great for deep star wars lore.

    9 july 2019 23:27 35

    It has a connection and great graphics 2

    3 august 2019 22:16 35

    Perhapes is conected to the canon lore could be

    29 august 2019 21:55 35

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