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    Roblox Booga Booga: good game or just a rumor?

    You probably heard the name Booga Booga when playing roblox. If not, then who are you even playing with? Just kidding, it's a very popular survival game with many things to do, make a tribe, make a campsite with walls and such, and most importantly: make friends. This game has a lot of fake people tho so don't be fooled! 

    quick very important tip:
    do NOT any under circumstances, go near a player offering you items and not backing out, even if they look harmless! They will place a hut with a lot of health over you and you'll probably be doomed!

    How could you know? It's just a game, and almost all games on Roblox are complete garbage, because Roblox games are completely binary with 1s and 0s being golden and trash. Now back to Booga Booga, why is it so good? Well you're about to find out:

    Booga Booga's item system:
    This game doesn't feature a whole screen full of UI elements and stats, it only shows you what you need to know. For example, you have the health, hunger and mana bars in one place, tidier than ever. Then there's the inventory system that is just as simple! You click C and you have a small panel with all your items and a few sorting options: materials, food and tools/armor.
    in this example the health bar is bugged because of lag from someone farming coins
    photo of the inventory system after I open it with C and press the food icon
    These were only the basics, there are also a lot of features in the game and I am going to talk about some of them.
    First off, you start with a rock that deals 5 damage to structures, trees have about 150 health and will drop some wood and some leaves. Use the wood to craft some tools or a boat to go to a different island. Remember that this game is based around islands and there are no very big patches of land except the Center Island and the Ice biome
    on the left menu, also open by pressing C, you can see the raft and a button to craft it
    After you've made your raft, the world becomes a lot more open to you and places before unreachable are accesable in a matter of seconds to minutes.
    Lets say, you've arrived in the Ice biome, it's the biggest island in the game and it has a hill as the center point with many little islands surrounding it. It has a giant caveman frozen in an iceberg, a huge deposit of gold that's easily farmable and the best thing: A HUGE MINERAL SNAIL!
    It is made of several more snails that drop drop different materials! He is one of the best XP farms if you don't own a private server.
    He has some of the most valuable resources in the game: Pink diamonds (SU fans calm down); but that's not really important right now.
    There are also the void shards which are very important in Booga Booga, they are accepted most of the time as a trading currency along with either gold or other materials. They are used to craft the Void armor which replenishes mana way faster than just a Void bag which is also precious for not being lost after dying. (bags do that, armor/tools don't) I can't get hold of 2000x1500p photos of these items because I would need level 100 to craft them and I don't even have shards.

    Altough the shards are hard to get because they require skill and a good team, I say that you could in fact solo farm them if you just get in the Void dimension, get out after about 3-4 Void ants killed, and repeat.

    And I don't want to spoil it all to you, try the game out! Leave a like on the game, respectively a dislike; do whatever as long as you don't upset anyone.

    18 march 2020 09:30 1625

    booga booga is a great game but it have a silly name but its good

    19 march 2020 17:16 1625

    Booga Booga was fine but slowly you get bored of it

    17 april 2020 04:59 1625

    I recommend playing other survival games because it is more fun

    17 april 2020 04:59 1625

    not a good game but i try to not dislike this game :))

    17 april 2020 06:27 1625

    my brother said to me this game is great, but first time i played it i got bored

    17 april 2020 12:30 1625

    i enjoy playing sometimes

    20 april 2020 19:45 1625

    Great forum. And about the game I don't really like it but most people like to play it. It's just my opinion.

    21 april 2020 15:35 1625

    its a cool game but not my favorite somthimes i play it but i like to play other games more

    21 april 2020 17:14 1625

    I have 2 rebirths and lvl 100

    21 april 2020 17:15 1625

    booga booga is great i mean like i loved it but i got bored of it sadly.

    21 april 2020 17:15 1625

    i liked the game but i got tired of getting killed by other players a lot of times and losing everything i collected and crafted. or maybe the problem is that i wasn't very good at it.

    21 april 2020 20:25 1625

    The game is game

    21 april 2020 21:19 1625

    i play booga booga but i have a little bit lag

    22 april 2020 09:53 1625

    Booga booga is a great game but filled with jerks who grinded the game and kill anyone who comes in their way or exploiters.

    15 may 2020 09:09 1625

    booga booga it's a cool game,but i moved to sky block

    13 june 2020 09:33 1625

    nice info there.

    14 june 2020 09:11 1625

    think the game seems funny i think i will try it

    14 june 2020 21:26 1625

    i mean like, booga booga is great but someone stole all my magnetites so sadly i dont like it anymore lol

    15 june 2020 07:18 1625

    i loce dis game

    20 june 2020 09:36 1625

    it is cool.

    20 june 2020 10:39 1625

    Nice job Great work Good work

    20 june 2020 10:50 1625

    its a good game

    20 june 2020 10:53 1625

    Booga booga is rlly good game

    20 june 2020 11:39 1625

    Its just a rumor

    20 june 2020 13:35 1625

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