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    How to be notified of replies on threads you have commented on?

    I noticed that the Gamehag notification system alerts you to replies on posts you have made, but *not* on posts you have commented on. Is there any way to be notified of the latter, instead of having to check back on the thread manually?

    6 october 2017 13:53 1628

    No. But if you want a feature like this, you can always write to Misty your suggestions and she/he will forward them to their forum department. But even if you do this, the feature will not be implemented even after a month (because I already wrote to Misty before 2 months about a feature we need, but still it isn't implemented).

    6 october 2017 14:15 1628

    i asked misty adout how ro get code for my ref and she didn't answer

    6 october 2017 14:30 1628

    Thanks for the replies! 🙂

    7 october 2017 13:51 1628

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