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    Stop Spamming on the thread

    I have been on Gamehag for about 5 months now and I can clearly clarify that there's a lot of people who are creating tons of unnecessary threads without any good reason other than farming exp, but the main problem is on when will they stop spamming these kinds of threads because when I go on this site I don't usually Answer or give my opinion on something which doesn't need any more clarifications but whenever I feel like talking to people or answering their question, the threads are full of greedy unsociable people who doesn't really want an answer to their thread and they are just trying to rake in extra exp but I know that they will be punished accordingly but most of the interesting threads get ignored easily and it's something which I hate to see personally, (if you are spamming threads or spamming inside of threads then I suggest that you stop) so I hope to see your opinion on this matter and i hope for those who are new to this website understands what to do and not what to do because spamming will cause you to lose exp, rank or even worse, you might get you're account banned

    17 march 2020 10:16 1628

    Thats mostly right i thinck but mostly the frustrated kids spam,they spam because they don't like working for doing SG's or experience

    17 march 2020 10:21 1628

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