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    No[o]ne is 10th player to hit 10,000 MMR

    Virtus Pro might have had uninspired results throughout the 2019-20 Dota Pro Circuit, but at least there’s one bright spot.
    The CIS organization’s star mid laner, no[o]ne, became the latest and 10th player to hit the matchmaking milestone of 10,000 MMR. It’s an astonishing feat for any player, and no[o]ne remains one of the most mechanically talented players in the game in spite of his team’s poor performances in tournaments.
    After Valve updated matchmaking to provide fixed gains and drops to MMR, a steady stream of professionals have made their way into the exclusive club.
    Abed (Evil Geniuses)
    MidOne (OG)
    Arteezy (EG)
    RAMZES666 (EG)
    Introduction of static MMR gain and loss
    Marc “Raven” Polo Luis Fausto (GeekFam)
    Rafli “Mikoto” Fathu Rahman (BOOM Esports)
    w33 (Nigma)
    Armel (TNC Predator)
    Cheng “NothingToSay” Jin Xiang (EHOME)
    no[o]ne (Virtus Pro)
    Notably, Abed is the only player who managed to claim 10,000 MMR twice. He was the first player to achieve the milestone in 2017 while he was with Digital Chaos, before becoming the first and only player to obtain it again before the introduction of static MMR changes.
    Currently, four players sit on top of no[o]ne on top of the Europe leaderboards. W33 has already confirmed his 10,000 MMR status, but Igor “iLTW” Filatov, Nisha, and David “Moo” Hull have yet to post verification.
    With the DPC currently facing a grim reality of postponement and cancellation, more players might be turning to public matchmaking in an effort to keep their skills sharp and try their luck at entering the hallowed halls of 10,000 MMR.

    17 march 2020 08:51 5035

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