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    Subnautica Review

    After playing more than 22 hours of this game I think that I've seen enough to review it.

    Subnautica is an awesome survival game.

    • If you are a fan of the sea or sea animals I surely recommend it.
    • To keep it short in the beginning you crash with your spaceship: The Aurora. you managed to get out with an escape pod but now you are stuck on this sea planet. You need to find your way around the planet seeking after paths others took. Because of the crash, your PDA has lost all of its data so you need to scan parts lying around. You can also choose to build up your base with the habitat builder. Also, a thing I like a lot is that you can grow plants via the planters and keep some of the animals in a containment tank so you can study them. There are many not-necessary things you can add to your base but they make it look cozier. A few examples are A coffee machine, chairs, and plant pots.
    • By scanning things your knowledge grows rather quickly. By scanning an animal for example you receive information about what it eats, its behavior, its habitat, and what you can use them for.
    • The game has very varying colors for its environment, animals, and plants

    • The game has awesome immersion, many places to explore and a huge variety of flora and fauna. (animals and plants)

    • Even if you decide to not follow the main story there are many other stories you can access via abandoned PDA's.

    • The graphics are just breathtaking. The game looks awesome when in the deep depths and you look up. The animals and plants are also beautiful. This is also where the colors add extra effect. Since the animals are so distinct from the environment they live in it makes them pop more. 

    • Even though the game has just three vehicles they are sufficient. The Seamoth is a small scouting submarine. The Cyclops is a large submarine with plenty of storage, a silent running mode to keep predators from attacking it, a small docking part to store one of the other two in it, and last but not least the Prawn Suit. It's a medium-size exosuit that can be upgraded easily for different jobs. It has 5 different arms: The Standard arm, a grapple arm, a propulsion arm, a torpedo arm, and a drill arm.

    • The game also has a few islands where you can find some special plants, blueprints, and most importantly fewer predators.
    • The game also has 4 different modes which each fit for a different playstyle. You have the Survival Mode where you have to watch your food, water, and oxygen it also is the best mode for the story. Next, you have the Freedom Mode which is similar to the Survival Mode just without the oxygen and food. Next, there is the Hardcore Mode which is like the Survival Mode but you have just one life. Last but not least you have Creative Mode where you can go around and build or explore wherever you want without having to worry about anything.

    So I give this game a huge 9.5/10. The only thing that sucks is the fact that there is no multiplayer. (yet)

    16 march 2020 14:03 1625

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