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    are the steam games generators real?

    Can someone tell me because the internet is full of them and I dont know if they are fake

    5 october 2017 07:31 1628


    5 october 2017 08:06 1628

    Obviously they are fake.

    5 october 2017 08:13 1628

    the are very real :) at least viruses you'll get from downloading something they suggest. they generate random string that have 0.0001% to work as valid key. but then if it happens to be a key (or wallet code) that someone bought they can claim to steam support that someone alrealy stole their code. and you have 100% chance to have issues with steam.
    everything is very real :)

    5 october 2017 11:28 1628

    Stay away from the Internet's version of AIDS. ALL Free Key/Free Code/No Survey/Instant Verification websites are fake.
    If you do not believe the Nigerian Prince, and his free $1,000,000, why would you believe such sites?
    Stay cynical, and be wary of sites which offer you free items for minimal effort.

    5 october 2017 14:09 1628

    A free key site is something totally different than a so-called generator
    Generators are always 100% without any doubt SCAM that rip you off one way or the other
    Best case scenario: you'll get stuck in endless loops of doing survey that earning money for the owner of "the generator"
    More likely scenario: basically everything oxana told you, or worse

    @Kabash wait wut??? You're saying i won't get my $1.000.000 from my dear Abegunde?? 🙁

    5 october 2017 20:15 1628

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