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    Still waiting steam card reward

    Should I contact Misty or somebody else? It has been 5 days since I requested 5€ Steam Card, and haven't received anything.

    5 october 2017 00:37 1628

    Wait 30days max
    If there is no news, contact support

    5 october 2017 01:59 1628

    it's useless to contact, they will say you to wait up to 30 days. I'm waiting for my 5 euro too, it's been a week since I ordered it.

    5 october 2017 11:36 1628

    Maybe it's because those 5EU/USD cards are pretty popular and it's a stock issue?
    I've seen other rewards getting dispatched pretty quick

    Who knows?

    5 october 2017 11:47 1628

    having the same issue with hearthstone 50 card it has been a week now

    5 october 2017 15:02 1628

    Quite bullsh*t to wait 30 days: FAQ says to contact support after 72 hours of buying, as you should receive rewards within that time span. The 30 days is in terms, saying that Gamehag MUST deliver products within 30 days of purchase. I think they'd say "contact support after 30 days" as a means to avoid that 30 day rule. If someone would start contacting support after day 30, they could legally say that they wanted to deliver it by then, but if the buyer doesn't take the effort to contact us in time, that they couldn't do much about it.

    But that's just me and my wild conspiracies.

    5 october 2017 15:17 1628

    dracindo, if your reward will be delayed you'll learn that lesson :)

    5 october 2017 19:42 1628

    They didn't say "contact support after 30 days" i said that ^^
    Basically as oxana already stated, trying support before those 30 days is futile and they will give you a cut'n'paste answer

    If within those 30days MAX you didn't receive reward, refund of SG or any notification then something obviously is wrong and you should contact support since then they are in violation of their own terms.

    I totally agree the FAQ is misleading, anyone ever tried pointing that out to staff btw?

    5 october 2017 19:53 1628

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