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    RESET 1-1

    small evaluation on the game RESET 1-1
    This 2D rpg and platform game that is available on steam for $ 4.29 looks interesting by the reviews I watched on youtube and some articles I read on some websites. It has the same characteristics as some games like:

    CupHead as it features classic action games and shots

    BroForce - excellent animations based on older styles, as well as console games, and interaction with the story

    The End Is Nigh having a greater emphasis on animations and having an interesting initial story, to go after the goals of the game.

    Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove - giving more characterization to the characters.

    Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight - Showing bosses more and more interactive with the story of the character, among others.

    Each level past becomes more legal the game, not leaving massante, since it will not facilitate for the character.

    It is not multiplatform, that is, it will only work in the Windows operating system (Microsoft), it can not work on the Mac (Apple), nor Linux (Tux), but still has a positive criticism about it, being light it can be run on almost all computers that are not very powerful.


    The story takes place after the end of the world, where demons have risen to conquer uninhabited nature, where you are the only remaining character and must end these evil demons.


    the aim of this game is to recover the styles of games that were popular in the years 80-90.

    4 october 2017 17:25 1625

    The game is pretty boring.

    21 may 2019 19:22 1625

    Stop spamming guys. For every 1 spam comment, you make you'll lose 10XP when I or someone else reports you.

    22 may 2019 14:29 1625

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