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    It trook me 5 looooong days of begging and boot licking to get my friends to like my picture and get a friend or two of theirs to like it too . The last minutes , I hade about 130 likes , and then when I thought I was winning , BAAAMM! in an instant, the number of Likes jumped to 400!!! WTF!!!! WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED ???? THIS IS SABOTAGE. Whoever did this, If you're reading this, FUCK YOU I also didn't know I had to tag a friend (stupid google translation) so , I can not really claim a reward :p

    2 october 2017 23:02 1628

    You come here to whine and you're a liar? you are a ****

    Did you know that photo is not yours when you downloaded it from google?

    for the next give the opportunity to who really deserves it

    3 october 2017 00:13 1628

    what competition?

    3 october 2017 01:32 1628

    You want proof that photo is mine ? here it is
    If you want more I'll give you more **** HEAD

    3 october 2017 01:51 1628

    @line_madson a competition held by Gamehag , you should go to the official facebook page from time to time

    3 october 2017 01:53 1628

    Im sorry you lost, however no need to go raging about this on the forums
    Be a sport, not a bad loser

    3 october 2017 02:20 1628

    fake picture, fake likes = END

    got cry your home

    3 october 2017 03:02 1628

    @michel_phels The fake likes were not mine idiot -_- and it seems you didn't bother seeing the other picture and compare it -_-

    @Steamburnerdutch I'm not sorry I lost , I'm just enraged about the way I lost , Only a total moron would try to win by adding this amount of Likes (400)! and In one second! AND at the last moment while he was already top of the list!!!

    3 october 2017 03:18 1628

    you are KID ! go view DiscoveryKids

    At what point did you get 130 like me if I saw you 15 a few hours ago? stop lying ....

    3 october 2017 03:26 1628

    If you weren't such an idiot I would've introduced you to each and everyone of'em , go back to the post and see at what time I posted the picture, If you didn't see it then you must be blind, or just because the comments are filtered by region -_- , The kid here is the one trolling for xp , i've got work to do tomorrow , good night.

    3 october 2017 03:39 1628

    but of course I am well aware of all the false likes, you were one of them that abuse of this method, at dawn yesterday had 16-22 likes, I wake up 6 hours later and you have 400 likes, there is no be as dumb as you to realize what is happening

    3 october 2017 03:58 1628

    @mohamed_redha although i doubt likes went from 0 to 400 in an instant(not saying they did or did not), a smart player would have used any tactics he/she could to wait untill the last moment to "snipe" a contest

    Maybe you had to "lick boots" as you call it but it is very possible that the winner is member of a community with lots of friends and e.g. asked for quick help in a chatroom on some discord server
    Also your browser is unlikely to show realtime numbers of the likes, unless you have been pressing refresh every second to load the actual number.
    There can even be delays on the server, especially at points of high traffic (many people putting in last likes at the nearing end)

    You also state yourself that one requirement was that you had to tag a friend and you failed to do so, so in the end you would probably have lost even if you had most of the likes fair and square

    If you suspected anything fishy going on, you should ALWAYS approach support, raging on the forums and calling everyone morons and idiots do not raise your credibility

    Take the lessons learned and apply them for achieving better next time, losing a contest is not the end of the world ;)

    3 october 2017 06:08 1628

    It's like watching 2 kids arguing about a toy.

    Grow up

    3 october 2017 07:12 1628

    @Steamburnerdutch glad you understood. Anyway, why doesn't the admins post in English ? It would be great and more people can join .
    @AgRoTheLeGeNd LoL we're just talking :p
    Have a good day all of you.

    3 october 2017 08:14 1628

    I took a quick look, the contest was started and explained in english, and also you got your replies in english?
    iirc Gamehagis an eastern-europe based company (Poland?) and also has a separate Polish(?) version of the site
    There is only 1 FB page though, so users mix there and the admin will reply polish(?) to polish and english to english

    Too bad you forgot to tag, you might had actually won or at least got 2nd or 3rd prize :/

    The picture of the Potato-PC is absolute epic, he should at least earn something for being creative 😂

    3 october 2017 11:38 1628

    That's weird!! here is what I read from the post :
    "Mamy dla Was konkurs! 🎉

    🤔 Co musisz zrobić❓
    - wrzucasz zdjęcie swojego gamingowego setupu!
    - oznaczasz kogoś, kto ma gorszy sprzęt!

    🕵 W jaki sposób wyłaniani są zwycięzcy❓
    - musisz zdobyć jak najwięcej like pod swoim zdjęciem

    🤑 Co jest do wygrania❓
    I miejsce: klucz do CS:GO
    II miejsce: 2500 KD
    III miejsce: 1500KD

    Do kiedy trwa konkurs❓
    🗓 Do poniedziałku 02.10.2017r.

    To co? Do dzieła! 💪 Powodzenia!

    ekipa Gamehag!

    (skoro jesteś takim bananem, nagroda wędruje do osoby którą oznaczyłeś)"
    Now bear with a bit longer this is funny 😆I used facebook translation down the the post and here is what I got in French :
    Nous avons un concours pour vous ! 🎉

    🤔 ce que tu dois faire ❓
    - vous avez mis une photo de vos jeux setupu !
    - tu vas tuer quelqu'un qui a de pires affaires !

    🕵 comment sont les gagnants ❓
    - tu dois en avoir autant que possible sous ta photo.

    🤑 Qu'est-ce que gagner ❓
    Et place : Clé à CS:GO
    II lieu : 2500 DK
    III lieu : 1500 DK

    À quand le concours ❓
    🗓 Jusqu'au lundi 02.10.2017

    Et alors ? Allons-y ! 💪 bonne chance !

    Équipe D'équipe !

    (si vous êtes une banane, le prix va à la personne que vous avez identifiée)
    " It's pretty messed up but I could understand I had to post a picture first, and then I HAD TO KILL A FREIND WHO HAS WORST BUISINESS 😋 I thought this part was a joke while it's actually the "tag a freind" part. The end note translates to this "If you are a banana , the price goes to the person you have identified" 😂 How messed up is that ?! 🙃

    3 october 2017 15:13 1628

    @dracindo lol you're right, but I actually don't do this for gain, I just find it challenging and entertaining 😋 otherwise If it was just for the game I would've bought it, I have a decent job (thank you God), but WINNING IS FUN :☺

    3 october 2017 15:20 1628


    3 october 2017 15:25 1628

    Well maybe you landed on a different version of facebook because your location? (You're in Africa right? Doesn't a large portion there speak french?)
    This is what i get from https://www.facebook.com/pg/gamehag/posts/?ref=page_internal (non-translated) :

    We've got a competition for you! 🎉

    🤔 What do you have to do❓
    - upload a photo of your gaming setup!
    - tag someone who has a worse one!

    🕵 How do we choose the winner❓
    - you have to gain the most likes under your photo

    🤑 What can you win❓
    1st place: a CS: GO game key
    2nd place: 2500 SG
    3rd place: 1500 SG

    When does the competition finish❓
    🗓 The competition takes place till Monday October 2, 2017

    Then, what now? Get to work! 💪 Good luck!

    Best regards,
    the Gamehag team!

    (so as you're such a rich kid, the reward shall be given to the one you have tagged)

    That being said i'm pretty banana, i guess i should have entered that contest ;)
    Killing a friend sounds legit :P

    3 october 2017 15:26 1628

    LoL may be I should've killed a freind :p your link IS IN ENGLISH , now try this one

    3 october 2017 15:46 1628

    @mohamed_redha Seems legit. As long as you're having fun, I have no right to tell you what you should do. GL HF in your other contest(s)!

    3 october 2017 15:52 1628

    LoL thanks anyway 😂

    3 october 2017 15:53 1628

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