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    Saber Wars Rerun Campaign, Started!


    The long-awaited event for Lily lover is here at last! Finally Saber Lily will be...usable at least. Her NP will go from hitting like wet noodles to damp noodles, and you can use her to farm at least.

    This event is pretty straight forward, but that's true for the majority of the ladder-based event: play the newest nodes to unlock more, wait for the timegate stuff, farm the last nodes for maximum efficency, yadda yadda. Apples will be needed so use them sooner to keep your sanity in check.

    One notable thing is an animation update for MHX. For the most part not much has change beside movements become more fluid and have more flares, but the after-image in her 2nd consecutive Quick card is kinda cool. MHX eating noodles when activating her skill is very cute tho.

    13 march 2020 15:35 5133

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