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    Should i play counter blox roblox offensive?

    I found it one day and was curious should i play it?

    13 march 2020 08:23 2173

    I think that you should if you want I mean it is your choice im not forcing you to if you don't want to

    13 march 2020 09:27 2173

    you better off with the real csgo. its free to play anyway

    13 march 2020 12:53 2173

    It's good but I really like arsenal more

    13 march 2020 13:04 2173

    I like arsenal more

    13 march 2020 13:40 2173

    You should play it

    13 march 2020 17:06 2173

    i mean u culd just play csgo but i play it myself and its very fun

    13 march 2020 21:27 2173

    Я думаю, что вы должны, если хотите, я имею в виду, что это ваш выбор, я не заставляю вас, если вы не хотите, я имею в виду, что вы могли бы просто играть в CSGO, но я играю это сам, и это очень весело

    13 march 2020 21:28 2173

    I mean if you want to play CS:GO on Roblox, you might as well. It's also slightly more convenient to download and play.

    13 march 2020 23:21 2173

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