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    What are you going for?

    What rewards are people working towards? I got 10k SG can't make up my mind.

    1 october 2017 17:58 1628

    gat steam wallet and wait for sale on good AAA+ games. that would be most cost effective

    1 october 2017 18:06 1628

    waht about humblebundle.com store its a really good web site

    1 october 2017 19:31 1628

    and it has really good sales for +AAA games

    1 october 2017 19:32 1628

    i saw ones assassin's creed black flag with 0.99$ price

    1 october 2017 19:33 1628

    Good deals at humblebundle.com , very well known site 100% legit!

    1 october 2017 19:37 1628

    yeah but the best thing is that 100% sales every month

    1 october 2017 19:39 1628

    how you can fund humblebundle.com from gamehag?

    1 october 2017 21:11 1628

    also don't forget about regional discounts on steam. humblebundle.com does not have it so what I can buy for 1 dollar on steam I'll need to pay 1.50 on humblebundle.com for the same even if it's "on sale"

    1 october 2017 21:13 1628

    by dislikes I can see I've got folowers, huh? :) keep it up, it makes me smile when you can't voice your consern because your pont does not hold any water but instead you just hit that dislike button. that's a bit harsh on you, right?

    1 october 2017 21:55 1628

    Yeah I dont think I can do humblebundle from gamehag I guess the steam wallet is the way to go might get hurtworld tho its most likely dead at this point.

    1 october 2017 22:20 1628

    also as an amusing side note. nah I can't stop laughing at htis fact. the guy who has only FREE games in his steam account, who haven't spend a cent on steam games preaches about humble bundle and how it is better than steam sales. LOL
    steamburnerdutch is apparently tries to peretend he's of importance. do you think I can't get your data and can't reach your steam profile, honey? :) keep trolling me and I'll share more funny thigns about you

    1 october 2017 22:23 1628

    I just checked ti and currently they only accept paypal, bank cards (+6% fee) and they removed support for bitcoin. so there's no option to use humblebundle with gamehag cards or even with any electronic currency. on the other hand steam can be topped from many electornic currency wallets, from cash kiosk in the shop on the corner or from steam gift cards.
    Also if you purchase anything on steam you can get a refund if game does not work. you won't get a refund on retail keys.

    1 october 2017 22:37 1628

    Steam Wallet Code, maybe !?

    1 october 2017 23:05 1628

    I might have overlooked this, but browsing through rewards i found https://gamehag.com/shop/25-amazon-gift-card
    Availablitlity may vary depending on your location

    2 october 2017 06:13 1628

    haha, ***-burned-asasian again suggests to try something he never tried by himself. he even does not know list of countries where you can use paysafecards and amazon gift cards yet he tries to be of importance. having multiple steam accounts and farming shovelware is so cheap, don't you think? tho I believe this is your only account, ***-burned-asasian - write your nickname properly. dutch? ahaha. buy yourself a map of the world, your country in the opposite end of Europe.

    2 october 2017 13:33 1628

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