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    Why cant get gems

    i already completed task at my mobile but why i cant claim my gems

    1 october 2017 14:35 1625

    mobile stuff from the wall of terror won't work, but if you still want to claim your reward you will have to contact Fyber directly, they will send you an email and ask you to send them a screenshot of the finished task, after a couple of hours they will send you a mail back and say they gave you the reward, you will get the SG in gamehag instantly than

    15 october 2017 14:47 1625

    Maybe you have another account and if not, contact with supports on the discord chanel

    7 april 2019 22:17 1625

    Thanks that really helped me

    8 april 2019 01:15 1625

    You have to download the gamehag app then hit the "Play" button on the task and sign up. If that doesen't work you have to start over.

    8 april 2019 23:38 1625

    i already claim reward but when i had my reward only text IMG not showing the key that i bought

    10 april 2019 18:58 1625

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