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    The best way to find Steam giveaways

    You can find the currently ongoing Steam game giveaways on this subreddit: https://zz.reddit.com/r/FreeGamesOnSteam/ Just read the comments for every post, sometimes it's not clear what you have to do to get your key. Have fun.

    1 october 2017 13:31 1628

    instale their chrome addon and get notified about all giveaways instantly

    1 october 2017 18:57 1628

    giveaway.su...install their addon and invite a whole different sh!tstorm on your computer, you've been warned ;)
    Don't follow the trolls *winkwink*Toxana

    1 october 2017 19:00 1628

    i will just leave this here:

    1 october 2017 19:05 1628

    that's nonsence. do you have any proof it holds malware or virus? or just trolling? Ah I see, you decided to taka a revenge on me by restricting noobs from easy way to get updates about free games. haha, keep it up, noobs are not that idiotic as you think, they soon will figure out what is your real intentions. or should I rather say what is your issue? LOL

    1 october 2017 21:59 1628

    Toxana once again you proof #1 you don't read, #2 you are just a dirty Troll
    Probably you're affiliated with scammers like that since there are TONS of legit sites you could have suggested but just picked that one dodgy one

    Again, i will just leave this quote:

    "The fact that the extension can check if you've done "X" or not is the problem - Most people don't use a separate browser just for free games, and so having a browser extension that is coded to monitor you on multiple sites is definitely NOT a good thing - even if it is innocent, and even if the developer is totally legit (and we have no reason to believe otherwise), extensions like that open up security holes in your browser which could allow a less scrupulous person to access your info."

    2 october 2017 05:32 1628

    if you're a dumb idoot who does not understand what is sandbox and how to use applications in a safe way why I should educate you?
    I use it on Debian and in separate browser where I don't hold any financial or other important actions. what it could possibly steal or damage? NOTHING.
    then let's skip your moaning and get straight to facts. where is real reports that giveaway.su damaged or stole something from users? reports from avast or anti phishsing sites maybe? NOTHING?
    your lame trolling is nothing but personal attack on me. You have nothing to back up your nonsence, as usual :)

    2 october 2017 13:39 1628

    actually I use it in the same browser I use gamehag because most of contracts send to virus infested offers, but you're silent about that :) I wonder how many viruses you have got if you're so stupid to use your main browser for freebie sites. LOL

    2 october 2017 13:42 1628

    Toxana, my lovely troll
    Please oh please i beg you educate me with your infinite wisdom
    All those hundreds of people on reddit are so wrong
    It is you who we must follow

    call me more names and give me a raging *****

    Tell me how you made an excel of the contents of your piggybank, i want to be a financial genius just like you!

    And yes, im so sorry, obviously in all my threads and all the logs on discord my sole purpose is to get people to try and do contracts for nothing

    i've got so many virus my PC needed a tetanus shot

    Help me Toxana
    Take me to the dens of trolls and educate me hard!

    2 october 2017 19:18 1628

    This is seriously getting out of hand guys...

    2 october 2017 19:20 1628

    Also @Toxana:
    For someone claiming that app is safe, you sure seem to take a lot of security precautions using it.
    Don't be so butthurt, here i even send you FOUR lovely flowers ;)

    2 october 2017 19:24 1628

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