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    3 days and still waiting for steam wallet

    btw... waiting waiting waiting

    1 october 2017 12:10 1628

    wait more

    1 october 2017 12:19 1628

    u need to wait 30 days they said that on the terms page.

    1 october 2017 13:25 1628


    1 october 2017 13:44 1628

    Max 30 days
    Also make sure your Gamehag profile is complete

    1 october 2017 14:34 1628

    @MzoxM on the FAQ page it says "The rewards are usually sent within 10 minutes to 72 hours hours from the moment they were ordered. If you still haven't received your rewards after this time, please contact our support department." I don't know if steam wallet is different I haven't seen a 30day wait anywhere tho. MzoxM maybe provide where it was you saw it say 30 days? but 3 days seems like as long as it should take to get it.

    1 october 2017 14:34 1628

    same for me too

    1 october 2017 14:47 1628

    i ordered a 5€ paysafe card from about 68 hour so im still waiting for it to complete 72 hours so i can contact gamehag that i dont get my reward

    1 october 2017 14:48 1628

    Under Terms and conditions:

    23. The Administrator shall deliver the Prize no later than within 30 days from the date of confirmation that the User has obtained the required number of Soul Stones.

    1 october 2017 23:14 1628

    ^ the above post is true, but the FAQ state that they should arrive within 72 hours, and otherwise, you should contact support. It's recommended to do that. Term #23 just states that Gamehag is free to keep your prize on hold for 30 days if they want to, but they HAVE to give it by then.
    Basically you could sue Gamehag if they didn't deliver your reward within 30 days of buying it.

    3 october 2017 14:51 1628

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